学校中文名称 ESCP-北航经济管理学院大数据及商业分析科学硕士交换项目
在外学习内容 课程学习
授课语言 英语
1、The Master in Big Data and Business Analytics at ESCP Europe, one of the world's Top Business Schools, is a 1-year, full-time postgraduate programme across 2 countries for those aiming for a successful career in various job functions: Supply Chain, Human Resources, Marketing, Finance and more.
2、It is taught in English and takes place at our Paris and Berlin campuses. France and Germany are the perfect starting points to experience the excellence of the usage of big data and business analytics. During the programme you will have the opportunity to strengthen your skills through courses covering Business Intelligence, Data science, Data Modeling, Business Process, Managerial Decision Making and various Analytics areas.
3、Once you have completed the Master in Big Data and Business Analytics in Paris and Berlin, doors will be open to you in a multinational company or in a small-medium enterprise, in a start-up or in a consolidated business in Europe or around the world.
Some examples of future professional roles after the programme are: Marketing Analyst Manager, Business Consultant Manager, Big Data Analytics Manager, Researcher, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Consultant, Data Solutions Architect, and many others. 
4、Starting with the academic year 2018/2019, the number of exchange students from BUAA SEM will be two (2) for one semester (with no program fee). BUAA SEM students wishing to enroll for one full year in the MSc Big Data & Business Analytics will pay half of the tuition fees (18500 Euro in 2018) provided for an academic year to ESCP Europe to go on with the program from January 2019 to June 2019. Students are responsible for travel costs, housing costs, daily living costs, purchase of books, learning material, and other costs not included in the academic program costs.
5、Students from BUAA SEM will be normally located on the Paris campus, where classes are taught in English.
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